Coast Guard warns public about “sneaker waves”

USCG – The Coast Guard would like to make the public aware of dangerous conditions expected to occur offshore and along the coastal Pacific Northwest this weekend, starting as early as Friday.

The National Weather Service has issued storm warnings, high wind advisories and hazardous seas warnings for much of the Washington and Oregon coasts, lasting as late as Saturday evening.

In addition to the arriving storm, King Tides and resulting “sneaker waves” are expected. These dangerous conditions can happen suddenly and result in beach-goers being swept offshore.

“Sneaker waves represent one of the largest weather threats to beach-goers in the Pacific Northwest”, said Lt. Micaela Crabtree,  command duty officer, 13th Coast Guard District. “These large, deadly waves usually follow a period of calm which often results in individuals relaxing their awareness of the potential dangers of the ocean. It is essential to remain vigilant.”

In recent years, the Coast Guard has responded to multiple persons swept offshore by sneaker waves. Cold water temperatures mean a heightened danger of hypothermia, and rough seas can pose challenges during search and rescue operations.

The Coast Guard encourages the public to always be aware of dangerous and changing conditions and to stay away from low-lying coastal areas. Flood warnings are also in effect.

For more information regarding King Tides visit the NOAA link below.