Coast Guard rescues family from the Washaway Beach Jetty

The Coast Guard rescued a family Saturday from the Washaway Beach Jetty on the North Cove of Willapa Bay after they were trapped by the rising tide. 

The Coast Guard says that two men, a minor, and a dog were airlifted to safety without any reported injuries. 

Coast Guard Sector Columbia River received notification from Pacific County dispatch at about 2:15 p.m. that a family had walked out to the end of the jetty and then were stranded there. 

A Jayhawk helicopter crew diverted from their training mission and arrived on scene at about 2:45 p.m. 

A rescue swimmer deployed and hoisted the family off the rocks and away from the rising water. 

The helicopter crew landed at a nearby field where Pacific County Sheriff’s deputies waited to return the family to their vehicle.

“This case demonstrates how important it is for beachgoers to be aware of their surroundings,” said Lt. Derrick Rocky, the external missions officer at Sector Columbia River. “Search for a tide table of your area before going to the beach to be sure you don’t get trapped by rising waters.”