City of Raymond will no longer collect oversized garbage cans

The City of Raymond is asking their citizens to follow their garbage can laws, after a number of homes had been going against current guidelines.

In a post, the city reminded residents that there are limitations on the size of cans that can be serviced. They add that this has been a reoccurring problem, but soon cans that do no not fall into compliance will not be picked up.

“Did you receive a trash tag on your garbage can lately? You are not alone! We have had many cans being used that are oversized. Some for years, some recent.”

Raymond city ordinance limits the size of can being used at addresses, with other stipulations such as handles and a lid.

Larger containers are allowed to be used by restaurants, schools and hospitals, and some other allowances with approval of the sanitation supervisor, 

Officials say that this ordinance is in place mainly for safety reasons, as the city does not have an automated truck like other utilities.

They remind customers that sanitation workers physically lift these cans, and larger containers or overloading current sizes could cause injury if they weigh much more than 50 pounds. 

“If you do not have room for your lid to snap down, you may need to request another can to your garbage pickup.”

They also stated that the fees are also based on the 32 gallon capacity only. 

“It rains here, a lot! Without a lid, your can will quickly weigh more in the rainy season. Also, dog poo scraped on the side of the can or needles tossed in are completely unsanitary and not allowed.”

Starting on Monday, July 26th, residents who are out of compliance will not be picked up.

Residents can call City Hall at 360-942-4100 with questions.