City of Montesano issuing letter for crude by rail EIS

The City of Montesano is voicing their concerns about crude by rail.

The Montesano City Council on Tuesday voted to have Mayor Ken Estes send a letter to the Department of Ecology for the Environmental Impact Study to voice their concerns about crude by rail coming into the Port of Grays Harbor.

Councilwoman Marisa Salzer made the motion at last night’s council meeting to draft the letter, but Councilman Ken Walkington wanted to make sure that they give a clear message from all council members.

“I think we need to, at least a framework to discuss. So if you’d like to prepare a list that we can all look at and we buy off on it and the mayor sends the letter off, I guess I can go along with that.” said Walkington.

The council passed the motion 4-2 and Mayor Ken Estes said he would work with the council before sending the letter.

As Filing Week continues, Grays Harbor County Commissioner Frank Gordon told KXRO that as the conversation continues about crude oil, local leaders should clearly voice their concerns and opinion, either for or against.

“Our own elected officials here locally, including our legislative people. I’ll tell you as you are, you’re a bunch of gutless suckers. You won’t come up and stand and say yes or no one way or another. If you support oil down here, more power to you, say so. If you’re against the oil, say so.”

Gordon said that he opposes oil, saying that “Crude is not safe for our harbor. There are more losses to get than gains, and that’s my personal opinion, I’m proud of it. I wish some of our mayors and some of these others would get off of their chicken butts and say so one way or another also.”

Residents have until May 27 to comment to the Department of Ecology and the City of Hoquiam on what should be studied in environmental impact statements for proposals by Westway Terminal Company and Imperium Renewables.

A third project by US Development Group is also currently in the planning stages.

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