City of Hoquiam to purchase Emmert Silver City properties

The City of Hoquiam approved a recommendation to purchase three properties from Emmert Silver City 2 within the Hoquiam downtown area.

At their meeting on Monday, the council heard a report from City Administrator Brian Shay recommending the city purchase the three properties, including the former Levee Lumber and the current location of LaVogue Cyclery, the former location for Dr. Wandell/Hoquiam Vision Clinic & the Oriole Café, and the vacant building and lot adjacent to McHugh’s Furniture.   

Grays Harbor Parcel Numbers Address Owner Assessed Value
51803500702 518 Simpson Emmert Silver City 2 LLC $ 91,798.00
51803500701 518 Simpson Emmert Silver City 2 LLC $ 10,625.00
51804800101 403 7th Emmert Silver City 3 LLC $ 413,271.00
51803600101 201 5th Emmert Silver City 2 LLC $ 13,655.00
51803600102 523 Levee Street Emmert Silver City 2 LLC $ 21,675.00
51803700101 523 Levee Street Emmert Silver City 2 LLC $ 546,565.00
51803700000 523 Levee Street Emmert Silver City 2 LLC $ 163,072.00
51803700102 203 5th Emmert Silver City 2 LLC $ 84,695.00
$ 1,345,356.00
Purchase Price $ 1,350,000.00
Total over assessed value $ 4,644.00

Shay said the property owner was open to selling some of his properties.

Emmert Silver City 2, and other business names associated, own at least 50 properties within Grays Harbor, according to the Grays Harbor Assessor’s Office.

Shay says that the sale allows the city to continue efforts to meet their Downtown and Olympic Stadium Revitalization Plan. That plan, developed in 2021, identified strategies, tactics, implementation plans, and recommendations to revitalize the downtown.   

The report to the council stated that these three commercial sites were key to the city’s revitalization efforts.  

The properties were approved to be purchased for $1,350,000, just over the assessed value of $1,345,356.00. 

Funding was expected to be taken out of their general funds, with the intent of future revenue from leases or the sale of any of those properties going back into the funds utilized to make the purchase.