City of Aberdeen releases list of properties they may purchase

The City of Aberdeen has released a list of possible properties they may attempt to purchase.

On August 9, Aberdeen Mayor Erik Larson announced that the city would look at purchasing buildings and land in the town that have become derelict or that owe 3 years of back taxes.

On September 15, Grays Harbor County will hold a tax title property auction. In a report from Public Works Director Rick Sangder, they say that “the auction includes serveral properties that should be purchased by the city to preserve their availability for future projects.”

He says that the costs incurred by the city during the abatement process would offset the total cost for the buildings.

According to the Grays Harbor County website, “The properties in the 2017 Foreclosure Sale will have a tax that is at least 3 full years delinquent (the full 2014 tax). In some cases earlier taxes may also be delinquent. The grace period is 3 full years. The full year 2014 taxes will be 3 years past due on May 1, 2017.”

Larson said that the County previously had an ordinance that did not allow them to sell properties that failed to sell at a foreclosure auction for less than what was currently owed. He says that they have amended this ordinance and the first round of properties are listed for sale in September.

Included in the properties is the vacant lot at Market and H Streets, former Saginaw Mill Site which saw a fire break out this week on the unimproved area in South Aberdeen.

Approval for the property purchases must be made by the City Council on Wednesday if they chose to move forward.

Properties listed by City of Aberdeen

Item # Parcel # Address Minimum Bid City Abatement Costs
1 10102500601 111 S Harbor $4,387.50
2 10103700600 303 E Market $37,125.00 $163,903.25
3 11000501102 208 S Monroe $1,359.5
4 11000501303 116 S Monroe $23,75.00
5 11002900100 1100 W Market $3,023.75 $11,515.87
6 11200100402 217 N F $3,825.00 $17,498.59
7 15001901201 1000 E 2nd $720.00
8 15002800702 310 N D $1,080.00
9 20600100600 1915 Cherry $3687.50 $4,456.85  Garage Only
$13,612.97 House Only
10 2182601300 102 E Marion $1,125.00 $14,902.83
11 21805900900 919 W Scott $2,250.00 $11,499.22
12 21806301700 310 Exchange $4,500.00 $10,096.65
13 21806502700 1010 W Cushing $2,250.00 $6,528.29
14 21806602700 1020 W Marion $1,125.00
15 22202400204 355 N E $2,340.00 $8,777.76
16 29407700600 921 W Heron $8,125.00 $8,8765.00
17 29901900200 Saginaw Mill Site $3,260.00


Full Tax Title Property List
Click photo for interactive PDF



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