Citizen helps Aberdeen Officer take down suspect

A citizen helped an Aberdeen Officer arrest a suspect with a knife.

The Aberdeen Police Department tells KXRO that on Wednesday afternoon just before 4:00pm, an officer was sent to the 2500 block of Simpson Ave to contact a juvenile with an outstanding warrant.

The officer spotted the suspect in the bus stop and contacted him in a parking lot nearby.

The suspect’s ID confirmed the warrant and the officer said he was under arrest but the suspect tried to step away from the Officer.

According to police the suspect resisted the officer and had to be taken to the ground.

They say that while the officer was on top of the resisting suspect, the juvenile took a knife out of his jacket pocket.

The officer grabbed for the knife before the suspect could open it, but was unable to get the knife away.

At that time, a citizen who was in the area, asked the officer if he needed help and the officer said that he did.

Aberdeen Police say that the man grabbed the suspects hand with the knife and was able to knock it out of his hand.

The suspect continued to fight the Officer and was grabbing items off the Officer’s duty belt, but with the citizen’s help, the Officer was able to get control and handcuff the suspect.

The man then said that he had to catch the bus and said his name as he was leaving, but in the confusion the Officer couldn’t remember his name.

The suspect was arrested on the warrant and advised of numerous new charges including Assault on the Police Officer.

The Aberdeen Police Department would like to thank the man for helping the Officer in this dangerous situation and if he would like to give them his name, he can contact Lt. Darst at the Aberdeen Police Department.



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