Cell phone prohibited in ASD schools starting this week

The Aberdeen School District is implementing a new cell phone policy.

The district will begin the Yondr program for student cell phone management in Grades 6-12 as of February 1 at Miller Junior High School and the Harbor Learning Center and on February 2 at Aberdeen High School.

On the district website it goes over the program, stating that this is part of school board policy that does not allow usage of cell phones and similar devices during school hours.

Students will still be allowed to bring their devices to school, provided they follow policy.

Students in grades 6-12 will be using a Yondr pouch “to keep their cell phones while also supporting a less stressful learning environment” that is intended to eliminate distraction while inside school buildings.

If phones are brought to school, they must be turned off, placed inside their pouch at the entrance to the building, and stored in their backpack or bag.

When students are exiting the building, they can unlock the pouch and remove their phones.

Violations of the policy may result in loss of cell phone privileges.

Parents/guardians needing to contact their students in the event of an emergency or other reason will be able to contact the main office to have the message relayed to the students.

Letters describing how the program works were sent home from the schools and students and staff will receive training during implementation.


Watch the Yondr Informational Video

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