Cars in Bike Lanes? It will soon be legal on one corner in Aberdeen

Drivers will get more clarification in Aberdeen regarding turning into the bike lane.

At the Aberdeen City Council meeting on Monday, Public Works chairwoman Kathi Hoder told the council that following confusion with the new bike lane on Market Street, the city would be making driving rules clearer.

According to Hoder, Signs are being installed at the corner of Alder and Market streets that will will tell drivers that free rights will be able by crossing into the bike lane, pending the absence of bikers already in the lane, and new striping will be added with hashmarks that comply with other bike lanes across the state. Along with the new signs and striping, an arrow will be added onto the road that shows drivers can move their vehicles across the lane in order to   make a right turn.

This is currently the only intersection where this new signage is planned.


Market Alder



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