Campfire ban lifted for Olympic National Park and National Forest

Forest Service Officials have lifted the campfire ban on all lands and campgrounds within Olympic National Park, Olympic National Forest, as well as the North Cascades National Park Service Complex and Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. 

They say that the decision to lift the campfire ban was due to the fire danger moderating after fall weather has returned to the regions. 

While the fire restrictions have been lifted locally, park visitors and forest users are reminded to always take precautions to ensure fire safety. 

Both the Northwest region (Washington and Oregon) and the nation remain at a Preparedness Level 5—the highest level of wildland fire activity.  The majority of firefighting resources are already deployed due to the large amount of wildland fire activity throughout the country.

Visitors to public lands should always use caution to prevent human-caused wildfires. To reduce the risk, please consider the following:

  • Fireworks are always prohibited on federal public lands.
  • Before going camping, learn of any restrictions that may be in place.
  • If smoking, always dispose of cigarette debris in some type of an ashtray.

To report a fire dial 911.

The move to Stage 2 fire restrictions in late July was due to the extremely dry conditions; the need to align with state and county campfire restrictions; the commitment of firefighting resources battling numerous wildfires around the nation; and the strain any new uncontrolled fires would have placed on these resources.