Brent Meldrum resigns from hospital board after 10 years of service

A long time commissioner with Grays Harbor County Public Hospital District No. 1  has resigned.

Summit Pacific Medical Center tells KXRO that the board of commissioners received a letter of resignation from Commissioner and Board Secretary, Brent Meldrum.

Meldrum has been involved in the district for over ten years. He has served on the board of commissioners for over 8 years, acting as board chairman for five years and as board secretary for three years. Meldrum was actively engaged in implementing the plan for building the new hospital in Elma and helped shape the Summit Pacific name among other successes.

In his letter Meldrum stated, “I wish to express my thanks for the opportunity to serve as a commissioner for Summit Pacific Medical Center. It is a fulfilling and exciting experience being part of this dynamic organization. I know the legacy of Summit Pacific will continue and that it will continue to enhance wellness for the citizens of East County and Grays Harbor County.”

Meldrum’s last day as commissioner is May 29, 2019.

Following his resignation, the remaining commissioners will review letters of interest and appoint an applicant to fill his vacancy.

That appointment will be effective June 1, 2019 for remainder of Meldrum’s term.

Chief Executive Officer Josh Martin shared, “Brent has been an asset to our organization for many years and the organization has celebrated many noteworthy accomplishments during his time of service. He has been a staple for this organization, and for me when stepping in as CEO. Though his service will be missed, he has helped build a strong foundation that will continue to serve the district for years to come.”

The hospital district says that Meldrum will continue working locally as owner and CEO of Coastal Transport LLC, a non-emergent medical transport company, as well as serving on the Summit Pacific Medical Foundation Board of Directors.

Persons of interest, whose primary residence is in Grays Harbor County Public Hospital District No. 1, may submit a letter of interest for the position through the end of March.

Letters of interest may be submitted in person at Summit Pacific Medical Center’s Administrative Office, or by email to [email protected].

For more information on what the position entails, please contact Jori Stott by calling 360-346-2280 or emailing [email protected].