Boys soccer added to Miller Jr High sports

Boys soccer is being added to the Miller Junior High sports schedule, thanks to a presentation by two 8th grade students.

Joshua Alcala and Dylan Brown, 8th Grade students at Miller Junior High, worked with Athletic Director John Crabb to ask the Aberdeen School Board to add Boys’ Soccer to the sports offerings at Miller. 

In a presentation to the board, they said that since 6th grade people have been asking for boys soccer to come to the school, and they wanted to make that dream a reality.

They said that Miller is one of the only local junior high schools that did not offer a boys soccer program.

Prior to the change, boys had cross country, football, basketball, wrestling and track, with girls teams including soccer, cross country, wrestling, basketball, track and field, football and volleyball.

They shared information from other students at the school, including results of a survey that stated 57 students of all grades would be interested in playing soccer if it was offered at Miller, and 85% of the school would love to see a soccer team, to play or spectate.

The Board voted unanimously to add the boys sport at the school.

The boys soccer season would take place during the early spring league from Mid February to the end of March. 

Joshua and Dylan’s Presentation

Athletic Director’s Report