Ballots out July 19 for 2019 Primary Election

Montesano, WA – 11 races and 2 levies are being sent to voters on ballots being sent out next week.

Measures up this election include a levy to partially fund police services in Elma as the city asks to fund $250,000 in property taxes “for the sole purpose of more adequately funding the operations and expansion of personnel” within the Elma Police Department. 

City of Elma
Levy to Partially Fund Police Services for 2020
If approved, this proposition shall aid in maintaining adequate funding for the operations of the Police Department. Shall the City of Elma be authorized to collect in 2020 only a total of $250,000.00 in excess property taxes at $0.98 per $1,000 of assessed valuation or such rate as may be established by the County Assessor as necessary to generate this amount for the sole purpose of more adequately funding the operations and expansion of personnel of the Elma Police Department?

 Elma Police Chief Susan Shultz said in a release;

“Since 2015, the Citizens’ of Elma have supported and voted for their Police Levies. This election you will see a Levy Request for $250,000 on your ballots. These levies have gone to support the current service levels in your police department.

Over the last several years, the Elma Police Department has responded to an average of 4,500 calls for service a year with less than minimal staffing. As the community is growing, it is apparent our numbers are increasing. In addition to normal calls for service, our officers spend time engaging and connecting with the community they serve. We are proud of the direction your police department is taking in participating in community outreach events.

This $250,000 Levy is important to the citizens of Elma as it serves to partially fund your Police Department. This Levy will also allow us to increase our staffing level by the addition of one officer and the promotion of one officer to Sergeant.

If passed, the levy will cost property tax payers approximately 98 cents per $1,000 of their assessed value. This levy will replace the levy set to expire at the end of this year. If you have any questions regarding the levy or your police service, please feel free to contact me directly.”

Also on the ballot is a proposition from the South Beach Regional Fire Authority to maintain current funding, according to Battalion Chief Daryl Brown, to be for maintenance and operation costs.

If adopted, it would authorize the Regional Fire Authority to levy $591,000 to fund operations.

South Beach Regional Fire Authority
Proposition No. 1 Excess Levy for Maintenance and Operations
The Governing Board of South Beach Regional Fire Authority adopted Resolution 2019-05, concerning a proposition to adequately finance maintenance and operation costs. 

This proposition provides for the support of fire protection and emergency medical services, facilities, maintenance, staffing and operations by authorizing the RFA to levy excess taxes in the amount of $591,000.00 in 2019 to be collected in 2020 at an approximate levy rate of $.82 per thousand of assessed valuation (the actual rate will be based on assessed values).


Four Mayor positions will be featured on ballots;

City of Aberdeen
Mayor Nonpartisan Office 4-year term
Pete Schave
Erik Larson
Tawni Andrews
Janae M. Chhith
City of Cosmopolis
Mayor Nonpartisan Office 4-year term
Kyle Pauley
Steve Davis
Mark Collett
Cheryl Turner
City of Hoquiam
Mayor Nonpartisan Office 4-year term
Ben Winkelman
Jasmine Dickhoff
Greg Grun
City of Ocean Shores
Mayor Nonpartisan Office 4-year term
Carlos Roldan
Crystal Dingler
Dan Marlowe
Susan Conniry

Also included will be two Grays Harbor Public Hospital District #2 Commissioner seats;

Hospital District 2
Hospital 2 Commissioner District 3 Nonpartisan Office 6-year term
Lynn Csernotta
Al Smith
Richard Thompson
Hospital 2 Position 2 Nonpartisan Office 6-year term
Scott Dilley
Bill Simpson
Melanie L. Sturgeon

an Aberdeen City Council seat;

Aberdeen Council Ward 4
Position 8 Nonpartisan Office 4-year term
Deborah Ross
Margo Shortt
Tara Mareth

three Ocean Shores City Council positions;

City of Ocean Shores
Position 3 Nonpartisan Office 4-year term
Richard Wills
Lorraine Hardin
John Schroeder
Frank Elduen
Dennis Schulte
Position 4 Nonpartisan Office 4-year term
Jon Martin
Lorraine Hardin
Eva C Russell
Position 7 Nonpartisan Office 2-year unexpired term
Eric Noble
David Linn
Frank Elduen

and a Fire Commissioner seat for Fire District #5;

Fire District 5
Fire 5 Position 3 Nonpartisan Office 6-year short and full term
Dave Hauge
Monica Thomas
Kevin A Koski


Following the Primary, the top two candidates will move onto the General Election in November.

Races and measures included in the August Primary are limited to the areas they impact and not all voters may see a ballot.

Ballots are scheduled to be sent to voters on July 19 to begin the 18-day voting process.

Results will be released on August 6.