Ballots due today for general election

Tonight, voters will learn if they will be paying to restore local transit service, who the new Port Commissioner is, who will sit on local City Councils, and if foods will be labeled if they were genetically modified.

Grays Harbor Transit looks to resume weekend service with a vote for a resolution to bring extra funding. A yes vote would impose a 0.1% sales and use tax for public transportation in Grays Harbor.

Two statewide initiatives are on the ballot include Initiative 522, which would require labeling for genetically modified foods, and I-517, which would give extra protection for signature gatherers.

Locally, the most watched races include incumbent Chuck Caldwell facing challenger Ron Figlar-Barnes for the Port of Grays Harbor Commissioner seat, and city council seats throughout the area.

In Aberdeen, Incumbent Denny Lawrence is facing Michelle Barclay for a seat on the council, while John Smith faces Tawni Andrews, Alice Phelps is challenged by Roberta Myers, and Kathi Hoder and Elaine Redner all look for a seat.

Hoquiam has 4 challenged races tonight for a seat on their Council, throughout the County there are 2 races in Elma, 2 in Ocean Shores, 2 in McCleary, and 1 in Westport.

Along with these races, numerous Fire Districts and School Boards are looking to fill positions.

Local ballots are due tonight by 8pm either postmarked or dropped off at one of 6 locations countywide to count in the general election.

Drop off locations are available at:
*The Auditor’s Office – 100 W Broadway Ave Suite 2 in Montesano
*Grays Harbor YMCA – 2500 Simpson Ave in Hoquiam
*McCleary VFW – 158 Summit Rd in McCleary
*Ocean Shores Convention Center – 120 W Chance Ala Mer Ave in Ocean Shores
*Oakville Methodist Church – 204 E Harris in Oakville
*Westport Timberland Library – 506 N Montesano St in Westport




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