ASD brings more students back to schools with hybrid learning

More students are returning to Aberdeen schools.

The Aberdeen School District issued an update regarding the latest students returning to their local buildings.

In their update, they say that the first day at Miller Junior High School for incoming 6th Graders finally arrived on Thursday, Feb. 18, as the building reopened in a hybrid model. 

The school in South Aberdeen is now offering in-person classes with students able to choose between the hybrid model or remaining remote.

Principal Lisa Griebel said. “Students did an excellent job of following our new health and safety protocols,” she added. “It was great to hear the halls and classrooms echo with laughter again. Smiles were SO big we could see them behind the masks.”

In addition, the third week of the hybrid model within the district with an in-person option saw Grades 4-5 join PreK-3 in the buildings. 

Students are required to bring a health attestation form signed by a parent/guardian to school each day they are in-person. The attestations are collected at the entrance to school, where there is also a quick temperature check.

Principals report the addition of more students in this third week went smoothly, with students remembering their attestations, stepping up for temperature checks and maintaining social distancing.

The hybrid model with an in-person option becomes available to Grades 7-8 on March 1 and to Grades 9-12 on March 17 (the start of Trimester 3).

District officials say that the reopening plan follows state metrics, as well as Department of Health and Labor and Industries rules and regulations for the safe operation of schools during the pandemic. 

Students who are attending in-person have been assigned to either Cohort A on Monday/Tuesday or to Cohort B on Thursday/Friday.

They remind students and parents that they advise following “The Three Ws”.

The Three Ws are:

  • Wear a mask;
  • Watch your distance, and
  • Wash or sanitize your hands. Multiple opportunities are provided during the day.

More information on the safe reopening of schools can be found here.

The school schedules can be found here.