APD officers injured in DUI arrest when suspect attempted to flee

Two Aberdeen Police Officers were injured after a suspect attempted to drive away while an officer was hanging onto their vehicle.

The Aberdeen Police Department states that the incident began around 2am on Tuesday, October 5.

Officers were dispatched to a report of a possible driver under the influence of alcohol in South Aberdeen.  

When officers located the vehicle they conducted a traffic stop near Market Street and F Streets.

Officers reported they could  smell intoxicants and said that the driver was showing signs of being under the influence.Officers also said that they could see alcohol in the vehicle. 

When officers told the driver he was under arrest, the suspect attempted to start the vehicle, and when an  officer attempted to open the door the driver rapidly accelerated as the officer hung on to the steering wheel.  

According to the report, the car quickly completed two full circles across the roadway with the officer hanging out of the driver’s window.  

The officer was able to get the car into neutral and attempted to pull the vehicle’s emergency brake as it came to rest as another officer blocked its path with a patrol car. 

OFficers were able to stop the vehicle after they were able to break the front passenger window.  Two officers on the driver’s side were able to remove the driver and take him into custody.

A search warrant was executed for the blood of the driver for processing of driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.  

One Aberdeen Officer was transported to Grays Harbor Community for treatment of minor injuries and was subsequently released.  

Another officer sustained minor abrasions and laceration along with swelling.

The incident was  reportedly captured on multiple nearby surveillance cameras.