APD Officer Brandi Slater honored for saving lives

An Aberdeen Police Officer received a life-saving award.

At the Aberdeen City Council meeting on Wednesday, Police Chief Steve Shumate recognized Officer Brandi Slater for her actions in response to a recent call.

According to Shumate, Officer Slater went above and beyond her duties when she responded to a structure fire in the 600 block of 1st Street in January of this year.

When Officer Slater arrived, the home was filled with smoke, but according to Chief Shumate, Officer Slater entered the home to search for residents. 

After she went inside, the smoke was overwhelming, but after gaining her breath she reentered the home and located two people inside, one of whom who was disabled and unable to exit on their own, assisting them out.

Shumate said that her actions likely were directly responsible in saving their lives.

Her actions were brought forward by her by coworkers and that brought this recognition.

As part of the recognition, Officer Slater was presented with a plaque and a medal for her actions.