All items at Aberdeen Salvation Army store free to anyone, for 6 hours only

From 1-7pm on Tuesday, July 9, all items left at the Salvation Army store in Aberdeen are free to anyone.

Keith Moore, Director of Retail for the Salvation Army’s Northwest Division tells KXRO that any retail items left over in the closed retail space on Wishkah Street are going to be free for the taking on Tuesday between 1-7pm.

In September of 2018, the local thrift store that funded local projects was shuttered, leaving only the church and social service aspects of the Aberdeen locations. This left their retail store locked up with the items previously for sale still inside.

Items left inside the location include furniture, clothing, household items, toys, and various other merchandise.

All items left inside are free to any person, but must be taken between the 1-7pm hours on Tuesday and must be hauled away by those who claim them.

Any items left after Tuesday will be taken to other Salvation Army retail locations.

Following the closure of their store, in June of this year the local Salvation Army announced that their Grays Harbor location will be transitioning into a social services office only, saying that they would no longer be offering worship services in Grays Harbor, although keeping other social service offerings such as the food bank open.

The G Street location closed, while the Wishkah Street offices that provide services remains open.

In their June statement, they told KXRO;

“The decision was made after extension analysis. With more people relying on social services and limited funds to work with, transitioning to a social services office is the most effective way to direct more resources to the services where they are most needed.”

Established in 1897, The Salvation Army in Grays Harbor provides social services to families in need.