Algal bloom app in development; survey asking for community interest

Razor clam enthusiasts are being asked to assist in a survey regarding algal bloom.

Razor clammers can participate in a survey developed by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

The institution is still looking for survey responses from members of the shellfishing and outdoor recreation community to gauge interest in an app-based harmful algal bloom forecasting tool.

The survey will estimate the potential benefits of such a tool if the technology were developed. 

Coastal communities in the Pacific Northwest are experiencing impacts due to the increasing frequency of harmful algal blooms, more common now due to excess nutrients accumulating in warmer, more acidic oceans. 

The algae can produce domoic acid, which can then accumulate in shellfish and limit harvesting. 

Scientists are working on a new forecasting technology that may allow you to access more specific information, such as the probability that an algal bloom will occur at a beach near you at a specific point in time.

You must be 18 years of age or older to participate in this study.

The survey is said to take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

While responses will remain anonymous, they may be used for publication in academic journals and presentations. 

Any published analyses will summarize the data to ensure individual responses remain anonymous.

No information will be made public that may be traced back to individual users. 

You may only complete this survey once.

Survey link:


If you have questions or encounter any issues while completing this survey, please contact Dr. Michael Weir at [email protected].