AHAB sirens to sound Monday; new sirens could be surprise for some residents

With a new All Hazard Alert Broadcast siren added to South Aberdeen and work done on sites along the coast, Monday might be the first time that some residents hear the siren test.

All local AHAB sirens throughout Grays Harbor, Pacific County, and elsewhere along coastal Washington will sound on Monday at noon in their regularly scheduled test.

On the first Monday of each month at noon, the local AHAB sirens sound with the Westminster chimes and a message that states it is only a test.

Residents are reminded that this is only a test.

AHAB sirens are intended to warn residents who are outside of an emergency, and not intended to alert those who are inside at the time. All homes are encouraged to maintain a NOAA Weather Radio set to alert them of an emergency while at home.

More sirens will be installed along the coast over the coming years thanks to funding allocated by the Washington State Legislature for 2020 and 2021. 

According to officials, the Washington Military Department have been working to install approximately 50 tsunami sirens across the state’s inner and outer coasts. These sirens will fill gaps in the current tsunami warning infrastructure to complete the siren network.