Additional halibut catch opportunities added to local fisheries

Additional all-depth halibut fishing days have been added to the Washington Coast.

The Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife have announced that the all-depth halibut fishery opens on Frida,y September 4 in the coastal marine areas.

Marine Area 1, covering Ilwaco/Chinook, and Marine Area 2 in Westport will both open on the day.

In addition, the Ilwaco/Chinook fishery, where catch is tracking slower than in Westport, will open again on Friday, Sept. 11. 

These openings are in addition to days already proposed to be open.

Prior to the start of the recreational halibut season, additional days were identified that could be opened if recreational halibut catch was tracking slower than expected in Marine Areas 1 and 2. 

Those days were Aug. 28, Sept. 4, and Sept. 11. 

There is enough quota remaining in both local fisheries to add these additional fishing days.