Aberdeen to discourage other areas from sending homeless here

Aberdeen Mayor Pete Schave will draft an ordinance that discourages other jurisdictions from “dropping off their homeless in Aberdeen”.

A report from the Homeless Housing Committee on Wednesday followed a workshop earlier this month. 

At their meeting the Committee discussed having an Ordinance drafted that discourages other areas from relocating their unsheltered to Aberdeen.

In notes from that meeting, it was also said that a short-term goal is to identify property that could be used to relocate the current River Street homeless area that has continued to grow. 

That discussion did say that consideration should be given to ensure it is away from “vulnerable area populations” such as schools, churches, parks, and other properties and/or organizations where vulnerable community members reside and/or frequent.

The Committee said that any property identified should be at least a ½ block in size and be within a 10 to 15 block radius of a mini mart .

Any shelter, whether a lot located outside or inside of an existing building, was said to need to have a check-in and check-out between the hours of 7:00 am to 7:00 pm with the expectation that individuals will be required to vacate the site during the day.

Allegations have occurred for decades that outside organizations or cities were bussing or pushing unhoused people to the Aberdeen area, contributing to the population seen locally.

The motion approved on Wednesday to draft an ordinance in an attempt to slow down growth of the local homeless did not state which jurisdictions are being alleged as “dropping off” their homeless.

No legal or punitive action was attached to the request if it was found that such actions were taking place.