Aberdeen TASL has a new closure date due to statewide restrictions

The Temporary Alternative Shelter Location(TASL) in Aberdeen has a tentative end date.

On Wednesday night, Aberdeen Mayor Pete Schave gave an update to the City Council regarding the TASL and how long it will remain “temporary” behind City Hall.

The council approved an extension of the current location until the projected end of Governer Jay Inslee’s proclamation related to Evictions and House Practices expires. The statewide ruling was originally set to expire on March 30, 2021, although it was extended through June 30, 2021. 

On Wednesday, the council approved $61,500 in additional funding for the site and an extension that will keep the TASL in operation through July 31, 2021.

As part of the 2021 budget process staff anticipated a closing date of TASL on April 15, 2021 and asked for $79,520 in funding, which was approved in the budget process. Due to the Governor’s recent “No Eviction” order extension, it has become necessary to keep TASL open through the end of June, with an anticipated closure date in July. 

In a message from Mayor Schave he reminded residents of the back story behind the TASL, saying that in early 2018, the city held workshops identifying the city’s increasing unsheltered population as a priority to address that led the council to authorize Mayor Larson to purchase property on River Street.  

Shortly after Aberdeen bought that property, the 9th Circuit of Appeals made a decision in the case of Martin vs City of Boise that affirmed that homeless persons cannot be criminally charged for camping on public property if there is no available shelter space. 

Aberdeen did not then, and still doesn’t, have enough shelter beds that meet the federal requirement of “available” for the number of unhoused people who are living outside. “

Schave adds that there are fewer than 25 people housed within the TASL at the moment.

In the council packet for Wednesday, the city provided costs associated with the location.

Canvas Basket Truck $415.79
Sharps Container $429.39
Magnetic Board $107.42
Keys $17.71
Electrical Supply’s $364.00
First Aid/Cleaning Supplies $420.88
Advertising $441.60
UPS-Overnight Check for Tents $106.71
Camera/printer/office supplies $399.51
TOTAL $2,703.01
WeatherHYDE Shelters $43,500.00
Tents/Sleeping Bags/Tarps/Bike Racks $5,744.70
Sleeping Bags/Tents/Water Nozzle $1,732.13
Plywood $2,849.37
Pallets $434.00
Misc. Hardware for Platforms, etc. $2,454.26
Shed $3,557.76
Totes $493.11
Fencing $0.00
Toxic Cleanup (Servepro) $904.72
TOTAL $61,670.05
Supplies $203.46
Security $297,284.37
Sanicans $0.00
Dumpster $8,020.00
Valley Cleaners $788.86
Electric $0.00
Parking $0.00
TOTAL $306,296.69



Supplies $50.00
Security $18,600.00
Sanicans $550.00
Dumpster $600.00
Valley Cleaners $100.00
Fence $176.00
Water $130.00
PUD $250.00
TOTAL $20,456.00