Aberdeen takes possession of “666” sign made famous by Nirvana

On Thursday, the Downtown Aberdeen Association took possession of the Washington State Department of Transportation sign originally made famous by Nirvana members Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic.

Cobain and Novoselic at sign. Date of photo and original photographer unknown.

Since the iconic local photo of Kurt on Krist’s shoulders covering the sign to show 666 was taken, Nirvana fans have made pilgrimage by recreating the moment. Also since that time, the sign has gone through an unknown number of replacements. This means the sign in Aberdeen is not the original sign from the Nirvana photo.

In 2019, WSDOT officials adjusted the sign for safety reasons while work was being carried out along Wildcat Creek. During that work, fans had been parking in the eastbound lanes and crossing over to take their own photo and the change was meant to discourage this activity. 

While it previously showed the distance to Elma, Montesano, and Aberdeen all ending in 6, it was updated to show Aberdeen at 27 miles away. 

Fans have modified the sign since it was changed to return it to its original form.

Fans had recently spray painted the sign to return the 6 prior to it being taken down.

Director Wil Russoul tells KXRO that discussions to purchase the sign began years ago. His intent is to turn the sign into a permanent display somewhere within Aberdeen.

The sign was placed into storage alongside the Aberdeen Museum of History items until a public display location in downtown Aberdeen is developed for tourism and photo moments for our Nirvana fans. 

A different highway sign is scheduled to be installed by WSDOT crews later this month at milepost 4.68 in the westbound direction of SR 8.