Aberdeen takes next step to remove homeless from River Street Property

The City of Aberdeen took the next step in removing homeless campers from the River Street Property last night.

The Aberdeen City Council passed the second reading of an ordinance that “prohibits all public access to the River Street property” at their Wednesday meeting.

There was a public hearing on the ordinance that included over 50 minutes of testimony with the majority of comments being made in opposition to removing homeless from the property.

After the hearing, Mayor Erik Larson shared why he believes public access to the area is a danger to public safety.

The second reading was passed unanimously by the council and the third and final reading will take place at their next meeting on May 8th.

After the vote, speakers said they understood the safety issues that were brought up, but asked why no solutions had been given for where the homeless would go.

The ordinance states that it would take effect May 1st, but Mayor Larson said that since the final reading isn’t until the 8th, he “would not expect anything to happen before at least May 11th”.

The entire ordinance can be found in the link below on page 47.

Link to Council Agenda and Packet