Originally posted September 13, 2016

An Aberdeen student has organized a protest at the Aberdeen High School to speak out against their dress code, and they are asking other students to join.

In a Facebook page named Free the Thigh, the student states that they were told to change after wearing pants with decorative rips in them too high up her thigh. According to her, an official told her that they violated the dress code at the school.

“It hasn’t just been me that has gotten dress coded but it was at least 40 people along with me that day that did too for ripped jeans. “

The student said that they think the school is overreaching, and “Unless they want to pay for half the jeans I wear I’m gonna do something about it.”

They are asking all students to wear ripped jeans on Wednesday in protest.

“They can’t put us all in iss all day for wearing jeans but we can show them that their new dress code is ridiculous and we won’t stand for it. “

In the current dress code from the school, given to students and parents and available on the school’s website, it states that “Pants, shorts, rompers, skirts and dresses need to extend past mid-thigh, no skin shall be showing above midthigh.”

Students from Hoquiam High School have joined in support and say that they will do a similar protest in Hoquiam as well on Wednesday.

A current copy of the Hoquiam High School dress code was not immediately available, but the code from last year states “No pants with holes above the mid-thigh on the front or back of the pants may be worn on school grounds.”

In 2012, a similar protest began to oppose the school’s position on yoga pants at the school.

At that time, then Principal Rocky Rocquin said that not everything you see on the internet is accurate and the school did not ban the apparel.



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