It was an emergency locally and throughout Washington due to the snow storms.

Aberdeen Mayor Eric Larson issued a Proclamation of Emergency on Monday evening that directed the Aberdeen Police Department to take steps necessary to ensure adequate overnight shelter during the current cold weather event.

According to a release, the Save the Nations cold weather shelter was unavailable, and that was expected to leave between 5-10 individuals without shelter.

Larson stated that should additional shelter space be required, APD would coordinate with the Union Gospel Mission to open the Day Center for overnight guests, and provide additional security for the facility.

The release also states that Revival of Grays Harbor is the primary low-barrier cold weather shelter and individuals will be directed there and diverted until it had reached capacity.

Also on Monday, Gov. Jay Inslee expanded the current statewide emergency proclamation to include certain exemptions for commercial drivers delivering runway deicer and wing deicer to facilities and airports throughout the state.

Inslee had already issued an updated state of emergency proclamation on Saturday that expanded exemptions. The original proclamation granted exemptions to commercial vehicle drivers collecting or delivering bulk milk products and de-icing salt. Inslee expanded those exemptions to commercial drivers collecting and delivering essential food and emergency supplies to grocery stores and those delivering bulk propane fuel supplies.

The original statewide state of emergency declaration was given on Friday in preparation in anticipation of the winter storm expected to move through the Pacific Northwest.

“Everyone in our state needs to focus on preparing for the snow and staying safe,” Inslee said. “Weather forecasters predict this may be a storm unlike one we’ve seen in many years. I encourage everyone to stay off the roads if possible and plan ahead if you must travel.”

The proclamation directed state agencies and departments to utilize state resources and assist affected areas in an effort to respond to and recover from the winter storm. The Washington Military Department’s Emergency Management Division activated the State Emergency Operations Center and is instructed to coordinate all event-related assistance.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) limits the number of hours commercial vehicle drivers can be on the road. This proclamation exempted drivers that collect or deliver either bulk milk products from dairy farms to dairy processing facilities and between processing facilities, or de-icing road salt to Washington municipalities from FMCSA limitations.

Gov. Inslee Proclamation of Emergency