Aberdeen residents have chance to give input on next superintendent

Aberdeen, WA – Residents have until December 15 to submit their input on what the position of the next Aberdeen School District Superintendent will look like.

Consultant firm McPherson & Jacobson, LLC has been working with the school district on the planning, and held a meeting earlier this week to hear directly from the public.

An online survey is available in both English and Spanish and will be available for input from the public through December 15. This planning is specifically for residents within the Aberdeen School District.

In the survey, the district states that they are soliciting input on a number of areas.

Included are questions about what residents find that are good in both the Aberdeen schools as well as the community as a whole, a section to list issues that should be disclosed to a superintendent before they come into the district, and an opportunity to list the skills, qualities, or characteristics that a new superintendent should possess in order to be successful.

The information provided will be used as part of the hiring process and portions will be shared with final candidates and be used in developing the job description and recruitment brochure.

Link to the Survey in English

Link to the Survey in Spanish