The Aberdeen Fire Department were sent to the Aberdeen Police Department this week after a hazmat situation occurred in the jail.

In a release, APD says that corrections officers in the jail were doing an inventory of clothing and personal effects of a person who had been booked into the jail when they were overcome by an odor emanating from his clothing and property. 

They say that the officers were experiencing “respiratory discomfort” and alerted a supervisor. 

Other inmates were kept in their cells and away from the booking area as the items were removed from the jail and the Aberdeen Fire Department were called.

AFD was able to ventilate the area and remove the smell from the jail. 

None of the people currently in-custody reported any discomfort or difficulty breathing. The three corrections officers were taken to the Grays Harbor Community Hospital, treated, and released.

The source of the odor has still not been positively identified, but the investigation is ongoing.