Aberdeen Police investigating Commissioner Gordon for moving political signs

The Aberdeen Police Department is investigating following the release of photos sent to KXRO showing Commissioner Frank Gordon holding a campaign sign for opponent Randy Ross.

Aberdeen Police Lieutenant Kevin Darst told KXRO that there is an active investigation against Commissioner Gordon in the removal of a campaign sign at the corner of Willow & Sumner Streets, and a possible investigation could begin for the removal of another sign in Aberdeen.

On Wednesday, photos were sent to KXRO showing Gordon walking behind a series of campaign signs, while a second time stamped video marked 10 seconds later shows him walking the opposite direction holding a Randy Ross sign.

According to our source, they installed a game camera in a tree on the property, owned by Calvary Lutheran Church, facing down toward the signs.

A 3rd photo sent to KXRO shows 2 signs lying in the grass near where the other photos were taken.

Though none of the photos show Commissioner Gordon removing the sign, he spoke with KXRO Thursday morning and admitted to moving the Randy Ross sign from the corner, along with another sign that he found in the back of his truck, to an empty lot across from Duffy’s Restaurant and he says that he placed them next to another Ross sign.



Aberdeen Police are investigating this case.

Gordon told KXRO, that he was told by parishioners at the church that Ross did not get approval to place his signs on the corner of their lot, and says that it is traditionally a space used by Democrat campaigns.

Reverend Luke Kastner with Calvary Lutheran Church, told KXRO that he is unaware of the church ever asking for any political candidates to gain approval to place signage, adding

“As a Christian, you should vote.”

He added,

“We more than welcome both candidates and believe they both have the right to put their signs up.”

Gordon admitted to KXRO that he did remove a sign for candidate Dave Jennings in another race, saying that he got approval to place campaign signs on land owned by Keith Kramer for himself and Dave Timmons. He said that when Timmons’ opponent Dave Jennings placed a sign, he removed it and placed it on the ground.

Jennings told KXRO in an interview that Gordon has proclaimed himself as “The Sign Police” and he did get approval from the homeowner and he reported the act to the police, but Kramer chose not to file charges.

Gordon said that he regrets the decision to take down the sign.

“I was wrong. I should have gone up and got Keith’s permission to take the sign down before I took the sign down, and I am the first to say that. I’m human. It was a boo-boo.”

An additional investigation is possible on this incident.

According to state law, Gordon could face misdemeanor charges including “not more than ninety days, or by a fine in an amount fixed by the court of not more than one thousand dollars, or by both”.




Full Interview with Commissioner Gordon







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