Aberdeen moves toward declaring graffiti as a public nuisance

A second city has discussed adding graffiti as a nuisance to their municipal code this week.

Following a discussion by Westport on Tuesday, the Aberdeen City Council passed the second reading of an ordinance that would declare graffiti as a public nuisance at last night’s meeting.

During the public comment period an idea was brought forward of a public graffiti wall to be designated to help deter illegal graffiti elsewhere. Parks Director Karl Harris said that would not work to stop the graffiti they are seeing.

“My opinion, I don’t believe that a graffiti wall will stop that. When you see what the graffiti is in our parks, another structures; it’s not art, it’s marking of territory. It’s writing slang of nasty sayings, of trying to put other ones down. It’s not art. So if you’re looking to do an art project, a graffiti wall is fine, but if you’re looking as a deterrent I really believe that you’re looking at it the wrong way.

The second reading passed unanimously.




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