Aberdeen looking to renew Transportation Improvement Fund

The Aberdeen City Council started the process to renew the Transportation Improvement Fund.

At their Wednesday meeting the council passed a report from the Public Works Committee and the Public Works Director that recommended that a resolution be drafted to authorize a ballot proposition to extend the Transportation Improvement Fund sales tax for 10 years.

Aberdeen Mayor Erik Larson said the funding pays for most of the road improvements in the city.


Councilwoman Dee Anne Shaw said that the fund has been shown to only go towards transportation.


The report also stated that there would be an increase on the renewal proposition from the current .13% to .18% sales tax.

That would mean that 18 cents of every purchase of $100 of taxable goods would go towards critical repairs and improvements to aging street infrastructure.

The Public Works Committee said in the report that they see “a need to continue repairs and improvements to keep the street infrastructure in a safe and serviceable condition to serve the public and foster the long-term resiliency and vitality of the community.”

The current Transportation Improvement Fund tax collection is set to expire in June of 2019.

The report was passed unanimously.



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