Aberdeen library planning remodel; adjusts access to meet restrictions

The Aberdeen Timberland Library is planning a remodel, and they are asking for input from the community.

Planning for the Aberdeen Timberland Library remodel began in 2019. 

The regional library says on their planning page that the COVID-19 pandemic caused a halt in planning, allowing time to “process the design more deeply to meet future needs for spatial distance, cleanliness, and safety”.

During this downtime, staff say that they have been able to consider new needs of the community such as online library services, an increase in digital collections, and developing ways to serve those without a reliable internet connection. 

The 2021 remodel is intended to reconnect the current and future generations of the City of Aberdeen to their library. 

Using input from the community to guide the process, as well as experts working on the planning, the remodel is said to pair the best of libraries in design and functionality with our city’s rich past, while “highlighting the role of the library as crucial to community resiliency, vitality and success”.

“This remodel will use TRL’s 2020-2022 Strategic Direction to place equity, diversity, and inclusion at the center of the library by serving additional constituents of Aberdeen’s population currently marginalized or underserved including: long term senior residents, people experiencing homelessness, people of all abilities, Latinx community, families, parents and business professional adults among others.”

In addition, TRL says that with the latest statewide restrictions they have made changes to all branch locations.until at least December 14, 2020.

Timberland Regional Library will limit service in the following ways to help the spread of Covid-19:

  •  No computer use, at any branch
  •  No self-serve scanner and copier use, at any branch
  •  Libraries already doing takeout only, will continue
  •  Libraries set up for self-serve holds pick up will continue that with 1-6 people in at a time
  •  Library users are asked to limit their visits to 5 minutes

Remodel Information Links:

View the remodel plans using a combination of photos and videos.

Quick information PDF sheet in English and Spanish:
Eng Aberdeen Timberland Library Remodel Brochure.pdf
SP Aberdeen Timberland Library Remodel Brochure.pdf

Full Case PDF statement in English (Spanish coming soon):
EN Aberdeen Timberland LIb Full Case Statement.pdf

YouTube Videos:
Reconnecting Communities Introduction
First Floor Vision
Second Floor Vision
Pavilion Vision

First Floor Vision
Second Floor Vision
Pavilion Vision

Comments are open now for the planning process:

For updates and more information online visit: TRL.org/locations/aberdeen

Email comments or questions to: [email protected]

Call: 360-533-2360

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Community Board: pinterest.com/aberdeenredesign

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