Aberdeen/Hoquiam traffic signals move away from flashing amber nightime signals

The Washington State Department of Transportation announced that beginning this evening, Sept. 27, travelers on US 101 and US 12 in Aberdeen and Hoquiam will see changes to nighttime traffic signals.

According to WSDOT, they will be converting all the traffic signals on US 101/US 12 from the Wishkah River Bridge to Hoquiam in all directions to standard “green-yellow-red” signals, which will change them to operate the same as they do during the day.

This will eliminate the flashing amber lights that have been occurring at night during lower traffic times.

WSDOT says that using the regular “green-yellow-red” signals during the night will help clarify right of way for all users along the corridor. 

With the change, drivers on side streets will be able to cross or make a turn onto US 101/US 12 with a green light rather than yielding to highway traffic. 

Pedestrians will be also able to cross on a “Walk” signal in the same manner as they do during daytime hours.

“These traffic signals have detection to trigger side street greens and pedestrian “Walk” signals. Travelers will approach the traffic light on a side street and see a solid red light, or a “Don’t Walk” sign, but once detected will receive a green light or a “Walk” signal. Once the side street or pedestrian traffic is gone, the main highway signal will revert to green and remain there until more side street traffic approaches.”

Real-time traffic information is available on the WSDOT statewide travel map, the WSDOT app and WSDOT regional Twitter account.