Aberdeen and Hoquiam both purchase Tax Title properties

Local cities saved over $100,000 off of assessed value buying property at the Grays Harbor County Tax Title Sale.

The City of Aberdeen purchased 7 pieces of land worth $108,173 for $39,647. Hoquiam purchased 2 properties for $29,240.50, saving over $35,000 from the assessed value.

Both city councils gave approval to purchase land during the sale. According to the cities, the goal is to put this land back onto the tax rolls, but by purchasing it they can ensure that sales could go to investors and developers rather than to someone who would leave the land vacant or in disrepair.

Aberdeen got into a bidding war at the property auction, losing a plot of land at the corner of Market & H Streets to representatives identified by the City as from the Grays Harbor Transit Authority.

The land, which sits next to the Aberdeen Station sold for $149,089, which is $589 over the assessed value. The City stopped their bidding at the assessed value of the property.

Formerly housing retail and upper level apartment, the building was torn down years ago. The City released a list in August saying that they had spent $163,903.25 in abatement costs.

The land that was purchased by the City of Aberdeen includes many at the minimum bid amount. The highest amount paid for a single parcel by the City was an empty lot at the corner of Schley and Exchange.

The City of Hoquiam purchased 2 pieces of land, notably the empty lot on 8th Street between the Hoquiam Masonic Lodge and Hoquiam Brewing Company. Following the auction, the City also asked to purchase one of the parcels that did not get any bids during the auction.

In total, buyers got property for over $360,000 less than assessed value.

Properties that did not sell during the auction are available to any interested parties at the minimum bid price.



111 S Harbor Aberdeen $17,550.00 $4,476.50 Citizen/Unknown
303 E Market Aberdeen $148,500.00 $149,089.00 Grays Harbor Transit
108 S. Monroe Aberdeen $5,438.00 $89.00 Citizen/Unknown
116 S Monroe Aberdeen $9,500.00 $2,464.00 City of Aberdeen
1100 W Market Aberdeen $13,063.00 $3,112.75 City of Aberdeen
217 F Street Aberdeen $15,300.00 $3,914.00 Citizen/Unknown
310 N D Street Aberdeen $2,880.00 $1,789.00 Citizen/Unknown
1000 E 2nd Aberdeen $4,320.00 $1,169.00 Citizen/Unknown
1915 Cherry Aberdeen $14,750.00 $4,089.00 City of Aberdeen
102 E. Marion Aberdeen $9,000.00 $7,289.00 Citizen/Unknown
919 W. Scott Aberdeen $9,000.00 $7,189.00 Citizen/Unknown
310 Exchange Aberdeen $18,000.00 $13,089.00 City of Aberdeen
1010 W. Cushing Aberdeen $11,000.00 $5,589.00 City of Aberdeen
1020 W Marion Aberdeen $4,500.00 $1,214.00 Citizen/Unknown
355 N. E Street Aberdeen $9,360.00 $3,090.00 City of Aberdeen
921 W. Heron Aberdeen $32,500.00 $8,214.00 City of Aberdeen
Saginaw Mill Site Aberdeen $13,040.00 $4,090.00 Citizen/Unknown
317 M St. Hoquiam $12,375.00 $3,182.75 Citizen/Unknown
412 O Street Hoquiam $27,340.00 $89.00 Citizen/Unknown
716 7th Street Hoquiam $16,875.00 $4,307.75 Citizen/Unknown
516 8th St Hoquiam $56,000.00 $27,089.00 City of Hoquiam
1013 J St Hoquiam $8,250.00 $2,151.50 City of Hoquiam
3123 Sumner Hoquiam $6,960.00 $1,829.00 Citizen/Unknown
1115 Lincoln Hoquiam $9,840.00 $3,389.00 Citizen/Unknown
314 Lincoln Hoquiam $26,880.00 $6,809.00 Citizen/Unknown
611 Polk Hoquiam $2,480.00 $1,289.00 Citizen/Unknown
1220 Washington Hoquiam $12,400.00 $3,389.00 Citizen/Unknown
501 Ontario Hoquiam $25,000.00 $6,339.00 Citizen/Unknown
705 Perry Hoquiam $8,400.00 $2,189.00 Citizen/Unknown
1316 Lincoln Hoquiam $15,880.00 $5,589.00 Citizen/Unknown
Mc Ac Tax 62 McCleary $38,000.00 $19,090.00 Citizen/Unknown
Alder Lake Lot 23 Montesano $875.00 N/A Citizen/Unknown
Roosevelt Bch

Lots 1-6

Copalis Crossing $19,200.00 $4,389.00 Citizen/Unknown
Roosevelt Beach

Lots 1-8

Copalis Crossing $18,880.00 $5,589.00 Citizen/Unknown
Roosevelt Beach

Lots 1-18

Copalis Crossing $28,880.00 $9,089.00 Citizen/Unknown
Roosevelt Bch

Lots 1-7 inc Lots 9-18

Copalis Crossing $20,000.00 $7,089.00 Citizen/Unknown
Roosevelt Beach 1st

Lots 1 & 2

Copalis Crossing $6,400.00 $4,089.00 Citizen/Unknown
Roosevelt Beach 1st

Lots 19 & 20

Copalis Crossing $6,400.00 $3,289.00 Citizen/Unknown
Roosevelt Beach 1st

Lots 22 & 23

Copalis Crossing $6,400.00 $6,689.00 Citizen/Unknown
Roosevelt Beach 1st

Lots 25-27

Copalis Crossing $9,600.00 $12,089.00 Citizen/Unknown




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