A “bad liar” and his friend caught with illegal fish catches

Two men were caught with extra fish in their catch.

The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife Police posted that Officer Stutes and Officer Ward responded recently to the report of two anglers stashing 8 Coho salmon in their vehicle before heading back out in their boat to continue fishing. 

The officers watched the anglers as they fished and saw them net and retain two salmon, approaching them as they returned to land.

According to the report, one of the men began fumbling around with the fish when they saw the officers, dropping both fish in the water between the boat and the dock.

The man stated it was an “accident” after Officer Ward informed him that he could see the fish on the bottom, a mere four feet below the surface. 

WDFW Police say that the anglers initially denied catching any fish other than the two that were dropped, but one of the men eventually stated, “You probably keep asking me because I’m such a bad liar.” 

The men admitted to the additional catch  and the officers seized the fish.

Charges have been referred to the County Prosecutor.