A 12 year old boy with leukemia will be the Hoquiam Police Chief for a day.

Dylan is a 12-year old from Grays Harbor being treated for leukemia for the second time after being cancer free for seven years. Dylan was been chosen to be “Chief for a Day” at the Hoquiam Police Department. He will participate in the Chief for A Day Celebration with 34 other chiefs and sheriffs from around the state at the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission on Thursday, August 21.

The statewide event is to celebrate the lives of children who have been diagnosed with life-threatening or chronic medical conditions. Dylan and his family will visit the police academy, to focus on something other than his illness, even if just for one day while he is Chief. While at the academy, Dylan will wear a Hoquiam police uniform and will keep a special commemorative police badge in his honor.

The Hoquiam Police Department is partnering with other agencies and local businesses to provide gifts and support to Dylan and his family which will be presented on the day of the celebration.

If you would like to support Dylan and his family, contact Chief Jeff Myers at 360-532-0892 extension 105 or Officer Phil High at extension 289.

Chief  for a Day



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