Aberdeen, WA – A communications outage was affecting some Grays Harbor residents that use Comcast services overnight.

Grays Harbor Communications E911 Dispatch tells KXRO that as of midnight, citizens serviced by Comcast in in different areas of the county were experiencing an outage.

They say this outage was impacting anyone with Comcast cable, internet, and Voice Over IP phone service.

According to E911, citizens did not have the ability to place calls using their Comcast phones.  

As of 8am, Grays harbor Communication Supervisor Shannon Bunnell says that all services are functioning normally.

E911 say that if you do call 911 and receive a “fast-busy signal” or are otherwise unable to get through, to call the center’s non-emergency line.

The local number for Grays Harbor Communications is 360-533-8765.

If you cannot place a local call they say you can still use a different phone service provider, or go to a police or fire station.