90 days with Cary Bozeman and an Aberdeen revitalization

After 3 months in his role as “Downtown Revitalization Consultant”, Cary Bozeman gave his first quarter progress report to the Aberdeen City Council on Wednesday; showing what his group has made for the future of downtown.

Between March and May of this year, Bozeman went over 9 “Goals and Deliverables” they have accomplished;

  1. Interview council members and conducted goat setting retreat.
  2. Evaluated potential projects and established top 6 priorities.
  3. Spoke at public meetings four different times on the action plan. Also briefed key leaders in the community.
  4. Recommended three year action plan.
  5. Moved ahead on number 1 priority by retaining design team and project manager for Riverfront Park project.
  6. Met with potential federal and state funding sources including DOT, Ecology, Commerce, Rep. Kilmer, and state legislators.
  7. Created preliminary design for the Riverfront Park Project.
  8. Created a relationship with ARM, Aberdeen Revitalization Movement, and raised some private funding to support project planning.
  9. Established top 3 priorities.

Bozeman went over those top 3 priorities for the council.

  1. Purchase and develop Riverfront property and connect the Downtown.
  2. Create a Bold ad Impressive entrance to the Downtown with a World Class Visitors Center.
  3. Moderate the Traffic Impacts on downtown by adopting the new Urban Street Design Standards on Wishkah and Heron St.

Bozeman also went over the plans for the next 90 days.

  1. Work with the City to purchase the Riverfront Property.
  2. Work with Dept. of Ecology to fund environmental assessment work.
  3. Prepare grant applications for State Capital Budget to fund Park Development.
  4. Invite DOT officials to Aberdeen to discuss downtown traffic issues and future plans.
  5. Invite group of State Legislators to Aberdeen to discuss the three year downtown plan and ask for their support.
  6. Have meeting with the Visitors Center potential partners and develop a plan to proceed with the project.
  7. Develop a plan to purchase the available property near the entrance to the downtown over the bridge.
  8. Conduct a Breakfast Meeting for community leaders to discuss the downtown action plan.
  9. Raise private and public funding to support ARM and the downtown action plan.

Bozeman showed off his preliminary design for the downtown and riverfront

“That’s a preliminary design, for a piece of property we don’t own. What the heck?”

Bozeman has a 1 year contract with the City to produce results and begin the revitalization of the downtown.


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