7th death, new cases added to Grays Harbor COVID-19 count

A seventh death has been attributed to COVID-19 in Grays Harbor.

Grays Harbor Public Health and Social Services added the latest death to their official case count on Friday.

No details were listed as to the location of the recent death or the circumstances behind it.

In total, 479 positive cases have been listed locally. 

Grays Harbor COVID Data 9/28/20
Population 75,061 (2019)
COVID-19 Cases 479
COVID-19 Deaths 7
Infection Rate 0.64%
Mortality Rate 1.46%

Hoquiam trails at 75 cases within the zip code.As of the latest case counts, Aberdeen holds the most individuals who have tested positive with 224 cases. 

180 cases have been added to the local total in September, just shy of the August total of 188 which was the most active month. In August, 5 deaths were reported.

Health officials listed 91 active cases within the county, and 229 active contact investigations.

Contacts who do not develop symptoms are no longer active 14 days after their last exposure to a person confirmed to have a COVID-19 infection.