666 to 667: Iconic sign no more

The 666 sign is gone, and it likely won’t be coming back.

Krist Novoselić lifting Kurt Cobain. Unknown original date. Unknown original photographer.

Between McCleary and Elma, the highway sign marking distances to local cities was the site of a famous photo of Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselić turning the distances to “666”.

Since that time, a vast amount of people have made pilgrimage to the area to remake the iconic image of Nirvana history.

Photo property of KXRO

As crews work near McCleary on the Wildcat Creek however, the sign was changed for safety reasons.

Doug Adamson with the Washington State Department of Transportation told KXRO that the sign was causing issues as people were parking in the eastbound lanes and crossing over to take their own photo.

Adamson told KXRO that despite the change, the sign is still accurate for travellers.

Now that construction is ending early on the McCleary project, we asked Adamson if that means that the sign would be changed back.

A sign between Elma and Montesano that shows a 10 mile difference remains at this time.

According to online mapping services, the distance from the sign to the entry into each town from the highway is;

Main Entrance from Highway City Center
Elma 6.2 6.6
Montesano 15.9 16.7
Aberdeen 26 26.7


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