4 businesses removed from coronavirus relief grants; 9 others approved

Aberdeen businesses will be receiving funds to assist with coronavirus related losses, but not as many as originally proposed.

At their meeting on Wednesday, the Aberdeen City Council considered which businesses should be given grants as relief from the coronavirus pandemic in what is expected to be the first allocation of funding.

The Finance and the Community Development Director recommended to the City Council that they provide Coronavirus Relief Fund Small Business Grants to 13 local businesses for a total of $77,432.

At the beginning of the meeting the council heard numerous public comment letters read that expressed concerns about providing funding to the D&R Theatre and associated businesses due to management practices and possible collusion between the committee that made the recommendations and the businesses.

After an executive session, the council was informed that while no collusion was able to be documented, a motion was made to remove 4 businesses from this round of funding.

Amore, the D&R Theater, D&R Event Center, and Grand Heron were removed from the list.

The total funding approved on Wednesday was $46,313 with the 4 businesses taken off.

Additional rounds of funding are going to be considered by the council, based on the initial applications if those businesses meet qualifications.

To be eligible for the funding, businesses must be;

    1. Current City of Aberdeen Business License (have to been in business for at least one year prior to March 1, 2020)
    2. Good financial standing (paid full for taxes, license fee, inspection fees, utilities, etc.)
    3. Have a physical business location in Aberdeen.
    4. No more than 20 FTE employees
    5. Business is eligible to receive funds from US Small Business Administration.
    6. Ability to demonstrate a loss of business from COVID-19.
    7. Ability to prove you have been profitable in the past.
    8. Businesses who have not received any funding for COVID-19 expenses are eligible.