$3 million in Quinault gambling profits go to support youth and seniors

Funds from gaming profits for the Quinault Indian Nation have been allocated.

According to a release, On March 13, the Quinault Indian Nation Business Council approved how over $3 million from the 2017 Tribal Revenue Allocation Plan (TRAP) Budgets will be appropriated.

The funds will go to assist youth, career development and elder projects, according to QIN President Fawn Sharp.

“These investments are very well considered, thought out and investigated before we approve these expenditures,” said President Sharp. “Our needs are many and our funding is short. Tribes have never received the same resources as non-tribal communities and jurisdictions, so we do have to make every dollar count. But that’s exactly what we’re doing and our tribal citizens are surging ever forward as a result. I’m very proud of the work my fellow Council Members have dedicated to this budget and I’m optimistic about the days ahead for Quinault Indian Nation,” she said.

In total, the TRAP Fund held $3,143,433, which was gained from gaming profits for several years.

Recipients include the Youth Education and Career Development Fund which will receive a $344,587 and the Youth Recreation and Drug Prevention Fund for $237,820.

Other programs supported include multiple programs aimed at seniors, including Elder Pension Payments and the Elder Enrichment Fund, as well as funds going to Indian Education Programs and Capitol Projects at the Queets, Lake Quinault and Taholah schools, and Indian Education Programs in both Aberdeen and Hoquiam.



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