2022 Election Interview Opportunities

Congratulations to all local candidates for your inclusion on the 2021 election ballot, and thank you for stepping forward to represent our area.

KXRO offers the opportunity for local candidates to be interviewed each year as a way to speak directly to voters, share priorities, and have a recorded interview available to share on social media or a website.

All interviews will be posted on our SoundCloud profile in a dedicated 2022 Election playlist at Soundcloud.com/kxronews/sets/2022-election.

General Election Interviews

  • We are extending an invitation to all local candidates to come on to the KXRO Morning Show for 15-20 minute live interviews as a free way to promote their candidacy.
  • Leading into November, we will have openings on weekday mornings at 6:40, 7:40, or 8:40 am for these interviews.
  • We will allow for multiple opportunities as time and topics permit. Higher priority will be given to the larger or more contentious races.
  • Primary Election interviews are meant to be an overall introduction to candidates and why they chose to run, while interviews between August-November will venture more into topical issues.


For any questions, or to set up a candidate interview, email Kyle Pauley at [email protected]