2021 Election Interview Opportunities

Congratulations to all local candidates for your inclusion on the 2021 election ballot, and thank you for stepping forward to represent our area.

KXRO offers the opportunity for local candidates to be interviewed each year as a way to speak directly to voters, share priorities, and have a recorded interview available to share on social media or a website.

Due to current statewide restrictions, at this time interviews are currently being planned to be held via phone or Zoom. As restrictions loosen we anticipate the opportunity to do in-person interviews prior to November, but that is not known at this time.

All interviews will be posted on our SoundCloud profile in a dedicated 2021 Election playlist at Soundcloud.com/kxronews/sets/2021-election.



General Election Interviews

  • We are extending an invitation to all local candidates to come on to the KXRO Morning Show for 15-20 minute live interviews as a free way to promote your candidacy.
  • Starting June 1 and leading into November, we will have openings on weekday mornings at 6:40, 7:40, or 8:40 am for these interviews.
    • These times will fill quickly through our normal morning schedule, and we will accept requests on a first-come/first-served basis.
  • We will allow for multiple opportunities as time and topics permit. Higher priority will be given to the larger or more contentious races.
  • Primary Election interviews are meant to be an overall introduction to you as a candidate and why you chose to run, while interviews between August-November will venture more into topical issues.

We do hope that candidates take advantage of these opportunities.

News Releases

  • We encourage you to stay in contact with us through the campaign. As you are all public figures, we are willing to consider your comments on issues that may arise. If you have a blog or press releases that you issue during the campaign, submit them and we will consider using them on a limited basis.
  • We will not be posting direct editorials or opinion pieces, but if you agree or disagree with things that occur within your districts we may use these quotes in our stories at KXRO.com.

Local Election Assistance

  • KXRO wants to assist candidates in reaching local voters as much we can, and provide these interviews as an outlet to encourage a higher voter turnout.
  • If you are unfamiliar with local contacts either in Grays Harbor or Pacific County, or insight on previous elections, we are available as an asset for limited resources.

Campaign Ads

  • For those wishing to purchase campaign ads on our radio stations, we wanted to take this time to put you in contact with our Sales Manager Donna Rosi at; [email protected]
  • Donna will be your contact for all political advertisements.


For any questions, or to set up a candidate interview, email Kyle Pauley at [email protected]