2007 Storm: 8 years later

It’s been 8 years since Grays Harbor saw one of the largest storms to ever hit our area.

On December 2nd, 2007 wind speeds topped 100 mph along the coast and the majority of Grays Harbor was out of power for the week.

Many local roads were fully blocked, turning Aberdeen/Hoquiam into a literal island with no traffic able to come in and out.

Massive flooding hit the county after upwards of 20 inches of rain were recorded, and life was at a standstill for over a week in areas.

Director of Grays Harbor Emergency Management Chuck Wallace issued a press release this week highlighting some of the issues that came with the storm.

“Gas was at a premium because many service stations couldn’t operate due to the power outage and those that could, had issues obtaining additional fuel. Long lines at the few open service stations resulted in tempers flaring. Gas was limited to a few dollars – cash money. Cash was at a premium because money access machines were inoperable and stores could not accept credit or debit cards.”

He added

“Everyone can recall exactly where they were and what problems their families had to endure during the event.”

The windstorm damaged lands along the coast from Naselle to North County. Estimates from the Department of Natural Resources show that approximately 17,000 acres of forestland were heavily damaged.

According to then Governor Christine Gregoire, damage from the storms may have exceeded a billion dollars.

2 people in Grays Harbor died following the events of the storm, one man in Aberdeen was hit by a falling tree, and a Montesano man died after his oxygen tank failed due to the power outage

Storm Damage 12-03-07 020 December 11 -1 080 December 11 -1 056 nitas-photos-of-elma-wa-flooding-from-storm-dec-2007 Storm Damage 12-03-07 063 South Shore Road December 11 -1 082 Storm Damage 12-03-07 052 December 11 -2 026

Photos from Grays Harbor County All Hazards Mitigation Planning




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