Emergency Management asking residents to assist in checking local AHAB sirens

Grays Harbor, WA – Grays Harbor County Emergency Management is asking residents to assist in ensuring that local All Hazard Alert Broadcast sirens are working.

Grays Harbor currently has 36 All Hazards Alert Broadcast (AHAB) Sirens located around the county spanning from Westport to Cosmopolis and from Aberdeen to Moclips.  

A monthly test of all AHAB sirens in Washington State takes place on the first Monday of each month at noon.  

In order for Emergency Management to make sure all of the sirens are working properly, they are asking for volunteers who would be willing to observe the sirens and submit a short form to Grays Harbor County Emergency Management via email or fax.

If this is something you are interested in please see the list of AHAB Sirens below and contact Grays Harbor Emergency Management.

N Aberdeen Play Field

1101 Lafayette St


S Aberdeen City Park

1401 West Huntley St


Bishop Athletic Complex

230 SR 105 Aberdeen

Copalis Beach

12 Aberdeen Street

Off State Rt.109


Sewer Transfer Station

901 1 St

Grayland 2

1132 Chester Ave.

Hoquiam City Sewer/Storm water pump station

1400 Lincoln St and Perry Ave intersection


4785 State Route 109

Ocean City

80 Ocean Blvd

Ocean Shores 7

Central Water Reservoir

485 Volans Ave SW

Ocean Shores 8

Vacuum Pump Station #2

194 Albatross St NE

Ocean Shores 9

Vacuum Pump Station #6

919 Beachcomber St

Pacific Beach

4th Street South & 47 Beach Ave

38 South 4th Street

Twin Harbors State Park

401 W Bonge Ave


Westport Light House

971 Ocean Ave West