12th COVID-19 case in Pacific County

Pacific County reported their 12th confirmed COVID-19 case on Sunday, although the person has not been in the area for nearly a month.

Pacific County Public Health & Human Services issued a statement saying that the individual with this positive case resides in the same household as the last previously reported positive case in Pacific County. 

They say that both share a residence in Pacific County but have been residing outside of Pacific County. 

Like the prior case, this individual has also been away from Pacific County for almost a month and is in isolation and recovery at a residence outside of Pacific County.

In a statement from Stephanie Michael, the Pacific County Department of Health and Human Services representative to the Pacific County Unified Command as to why these cases that happen outside of Pacific County but have a local address get counted in our totals, she stated “All communicable disease tracking, including COVID-19, is done by a person’s permanent residence. In cases like these, public health departments have to work together to make sure proper case and contact tracing management occurs to limit the spread of disease.

It is not a perfect system and does impact our data as stated, but it does create a standard to ensure all cases are identified and managed.”

The Pacific County Health and Human Services Department will continue to investigate this case and issued a reminder to residents taht they strongly encourage the public to maintain social distancing by limiting non-essential travel, and practice personal protective measures to include, washing hands often with soapy water for at least 20 seconds, avoid touching your face, and wearing a face covering in public. 

For up to date information and guidance about how to keep yourself and your family healthy, please visit: www.pacificcountycovid19.com.