Wild Olympics meeting will be for “the rest of us” who haven’t chosen a side

Officials set a public meeting to discuss the Proposal and Hoquiam Mayor says it will be for “the rest of us” who are neither proponents or opponents.

In an email sent to KXRO, Mayor Jack Durney states, “I am proud that our Grays Harbor Mayors’ group has organized a public meeting to discuss the “Wild Olympics” issue in a thoughtful and calm environment. “

Durney says that the issue is heated, and with that come strong opinions. “The signs, campaigning, and hysteria that sometime accompanies any kind of political discussion in our country these days will be left in the parking lot.”

Durney ends his email saying “The mayors of Grays Harbor encourage as many as possible – particularly other elected officials who are being asked to support or oppose the effort via resolutions – to attend to participate in a thoughtful discussion of something that is important to the way of life here in our own back yard.”

The public meeting will be held at the Bishop Center at on Thursday, May 10th at 6-9pm.

Cosmopolis Mayor tells KXRO that the format will allow 30 minutes for Wild Olympic Proponents and Working Wild Olympics as well as the Congressional Staff to present their views and supporting data.

These presentations will conclude with an opportunity for the public to ask questions from all three sides.



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