Westport Visitor Center could lose funding

On Tuesday, the Westport City Council will vote on a proposal to discontinue the support of the Westport/ Visitor Center.

The has provided funds to pay for the operation of the Center for over 2 decades. This year, the Center will receive almost $41,000 representing 25% of their total revenue, and pays for staff and supplies. The City is proposing redirecting these funds to pay for a visitor’s center in the new City Hall.

The chamber said, “We do not know the reason for the City’s proposed action to end support of our center. We have received no complaints, expressions of concern, or request for a meeting to discuss the center’s operation.” They say that they just learned of the proposed action within the past week.

The Chamber said that if the City Council votes to discontinue support for the center, they would be unable to continue.

Comments on the proposed action will be accepted at the Westport City Council meeting, Tuesday, October 29th, at 7 pm.

Westport Chamber



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